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Kotahi - The Unity Collection


Te Huinga Ko Tahi tells the story of courage and ambition of the great Polynesian explorers of the Pacific and the migration and trade trails the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand as they traveled from Hawaikii to who we are as people of Pacific are today represented as a blended and unified society spread across the Islands and Cities of the Pacific.

Moemoea - One Dream

The journey begins Moemoea Puta Ki Te Ao - One Dream it is a light, sophisticated, fresh fragrance designed for those that create purpose and push beyond the realms of the known world.

It has olfactory elements of fruity and tropical floral.

This fragrance displays characteristics of bold ambition, curiosity and the courage of the great explorers of Polynesia who navigated ocean highways by the stars.

Moemoea One Dream captures the essence of the great wayfarer navigator standing on the prow of his voyaging waka eyes closed listening to the waves against the reef and the tropical breeze blowing down through the Coconut palms and exotic Frangipani. The tropical breeze rustling his bone dry tapa cloth,  as with a deep breath he raises his eyes to the stars that are his map and from which he as an ancient wayfarer will not take his eyes until the voyage from Hawaikii is complete.

Fragrance Notes

Main Olfactory Directions:  Fruity - Floral

Initial Impressions:  Ylang Ylang Comores Island / Mandarin Italy / Grapefruit Spain

Developing Impressions:  Water Jasmine / Plum / Cedar Morocco

Lasting Impressions:  Chypre Accord  / Sandalwood New Caledonia / Sensual Musk Accord


Aritā One Desire

Aritā One Desire - is a powerful and complex modern composition of olfactory elements of fresh, rustic, amber and oriental woody notes.

This fragrance represents the man who has a passion for exploration and with great courage will aim for lands unseen.

Aritā One Desire characterises the innate drive to explore and discover what lay beyond the horizon of early Maori navigators and wayfarers. It brings to life the ancient virgin rainforest and the undulating terrain they encountered on their arrival in Aotearoa New Zealand.  It represents the fragrant forest aromas that blew across ocean Te Moana Nui a Kiwa, the Pacific, as the Warriors of the rising sun pursued her fabled shores.

Fragrance Notes

Main Olfactory Directions:  Fresh - Rustic - Amber - Oriental Woody

Initial Impressions:  Lavender / Lemon/ Bergamot - Orange / Fennel / Nutmeg/ Marine Tones

Developing Impressions:  Cedar Wood Texas / Sandalwood India / Cumin/ Gaiac Wood / Geranium Bourbon / Everlasting flower / Vetyver Java /  Violet Italy

Lasting Impressions:  White Musk / Moss / Amber / Vanilla / Incense Somalia / Cistus


Tohua One Destiny 

Tohua One Destiny is a lively fragrance that dances and excites like the star chasers that founded Aotearoa New Zealand a superb fusion of cultures. From the ancient wayfarer navigator Kupe to the European explorers and star chasers Tasman and Cook. This fragrance emerges like the stars at Matariki and the sort after and elusive transit of Venus. Both sacred and time defining.

Tohua cuts through with the ambition of nation forming adventure, an aroma of unity with its attache of destiny.

It has olfactory notes of the fresh citrus that the sailors so desired on their long voyages and planted in mass in the Bay of Islands. The salty sea breeze notes of marine and the woody aromas of the of the adventurer's great waka and the timbers and masts of the sailing ships as the plied the oceans of the world.

Fragrance Notes

Main Olfactory Directions:  Citrus - Marine - Woody

Initial Impressions: Marine Accord / Leaf Sap Impressions / Grapefruit Italy

Developing Impressions:  Blackcurrant / Apple / Violet Grasse

Lasting Impressions:  Cedar Wood Virginia / Musk / Clary Sage / Sandalwood North Australia

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