Native Rituals is designed and created to help our customers build and sustain an unforced rhythm of Āio a place of calmness and tranquillity that our lives foundation can be set on.
Āio is a state of being that we have known since childhood but in the hustle and bustle of adulting the place of Āio, that riverside moment where time stands still and you can just be, feels for many of us like it life slips through our hands like sand through the hourglass.
Over many years we have heard the terms busy and flat out used like a badge. Our aim as Native Rituals is to help bring some stillness and unforced rhythm of Āio to your day an unhurried moment where you can just be.
Our aim is to be there at the start and of your day as you prepare and wind down. To provide the Āio framework which our customers can build their own lives. It is the mechanism, not the end goal.
Āio is a Maori Native New Zealand word.
1. (stative) be calm, at peace.
2. (modifier) calm, peaceful, tranquil.
3. (noun) calm conditions (weather), peace.