Men's Beard Oil


Bring class to your daily beard care with this deeply renewing and balancing beard oil. The essential fatty acids soften and replenish your facial hair and skin by retaining necessary moisture. Replenish dry skin with hydrating and balancing Western Australia Sandalwood Essential Oil.

To maximize the benefits of our beard oil:

  • Wash beard and dry
  • Dispense beard oil into hand and massage into beard with fingers, brushing upwards through beard from the bottom beard.
  • Use throughout the day. If the skin beneath your beard feels dry and irritated apply beard oil to hydrate and soothe.
  • Enhance the relaxing effect of beard oil by applying after showering

sweet almond oil* hempseed oil*, avocado oil, jojoba oil*, argan oil*,  grapeseed oil*, macadamia oil*,  natural vitamin e, sandalwood essential oil  

* Denotes organic ingredient.

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