Two in one Beard Cleanser


Ease skin irritation and condition the beard with Native Rituals organic Two in one Beard and Facial Cleanser. Effortlessly remove sweat, grime, pollutants, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of residue we pick up throughout the day from the beard and face. 

Cleanse and replenish the beard and face with a refreshing New Zealand forest moment. Featuring the foaming golden flowers from the New Zealand native shrub, Kumerahou, blended with Kawakawa and Moringa oil, sooth the skin beneath and condition the beard while encouraging the production of collagen for the face. 

Native's Beard Cleanser recommended for normal and sensitive skin and of course the dapper man's beard.

The creamy formulation helps to balance oil production, and combined with our sugar derivative surfactant, Kawakawa and hand-selected life-giving oils (Moringa and Argan oil), gently hydrate and refresh the skin and leaves you feeling clean an refreshed.

After cleansing and conditioning, we recommend using Native’s earthing Beard oil.


Ultra distilled water, avocado oil, * kumerahou extract, moringa oil*, kawakawa extract, jojoba oil*, wheat germ oil, almond oil*,  argan oil*, Cetearyl olivate & sorbitan olivate, decyl glucoside(Ecocert approved surfactant), lime essential oil, patchouli essential oil, carrot seed oil, vitamin e, grapefruit extract

* Denotes organic ingredient.

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