Three natural beauty rituals that will help you save

This is a series of three blogs to kickstart some highly effective rituals to improve your lifestyle and save on your annual beauty budget.

Like anything new in life, when considering the prospect of a new routine, it's guaranteed we’ll filter these with our previous experiences. If you’re anything like me, a sceptic, it can result in missing out. "Missing out on what?" The potential of improved health and an awareness that some traditions are worth reviewing due to the constant advancement in our understanding of skincare. 

Perception is a funny thing. It’s interesting that we often view saving money as a cheaper outcome. One that devalues the quality of a chosen activity. However, with the evolution of skin care, the gap between science and our kitchen cupboard is closing. A renewed connection to whole foods has justified more use of organic whole food ingredients. As a result, we reduce processed and chemical-filled products in our regime(s). By paying attention to the changes in our skin and applying safe conditions around the use of ingredients, we can save on annual beauty expenses with home-made MASKS, HYGIENE, and MASSAGE.

Rituals: A series of actions or type of behaviour regularly and invariably followed by someone.

It’s how knowledge is applied that makes the man or woman. There’s often an initial period after learning something new or being reminded of good practice; we’ll rave on about it and apply it for a few days. The challenge though is maintaining it and instilling a habit into our lifestyles.  Regardless of your annual beauty budget, there are some critical practices which will stand the test of time. This includes establishing good hygiene, nourishing the face and body with masks, and stimulating or detoxing with massage. 
Hygiene and common habits
The first in this blog series is a simple fundamental of hygiene, but never easy to keep up. Cleanliness is addressed in the beauty industry as an essential element but not necessarily on people’s radar as something fundamental to good skincare and wellbeing.
Keeping the busiest spaces of your home, car or work clean, is the key to minimizing buildup or dirt. Every time we touch our face, we add or transfer more
bacteria. This doesn’t help in supporting the defence system of our skin.

Engrained behaviours like leaning our heads or chins on our hands, is a natural response to thinking. Therefore, unlearning the unnecessary touching of our face, neck or hair is something that takes a while to change but worth the effort.
The use of devices is an intrinsic part of our lifestyle. To support cleanliness, giving your phone(s) or computer a weekly clean is a ritual your skin will LOVE you for.  What do you do every time you call someone? Unless you religiously use the speaker, the standard response involves exposing the side of your face (multiple times) to whatever bacteria is on the surface of your device. 

Leaving your device outside of your bedroom at night also means you don't reach for it after cleansing before going to bed. 
The most unsuspecting place that holds and transfers dirt is the car. An environment which easily gets neglected. The thought of how much build up the steering wheel gets scares me. 

Sometimes storing a small packet of hand wipes in the glove box is handy but not sustainable, and with too much use, can be damaging to hands. However, critical after visiting places like shopping malls and the supermarket.

So keeping on top of cleaning the steering wheel is also important. Pick your battles wisely, too. If time is not on your side, choose the parts of the car that get lots of use and clean the rest on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. 
For those of us slightly OCD, it’s critical to balance our cleanliness with as many gentle ingredients as possible. If the ideal is to look after our skin, there’s no use in exposing it to harsh chemicals.  Alternative options like using baking soda, lemon or vinegar in Pinterest can give some cleaning inspiration. Purchasing from Bin-in or bulk suppliers will save you a lot on your monthly expense.  
When using skincare, the hands and face are in their most sensitive state. Naturally, keeping containers clean will support the overall purpose of why you want the skincare to work in the first place.  The same applies to mould-ridden areas of our shower or bathtub -our foot health is also essential. 
Hands, hands, hands. Most of the skin on our body is 2 millimetres thick.  I know for myself my hands get a lot of wear being a music teacher, labelling product, and gardening. I presume that my hands are sturdy and can handle various conditions. 
This is true to an extent because the inside of our hands has thicker skin. However, it's still one of the most receptive parts of the body with transdermal absorption. Therefore, when cleaning, especially with detergents or disinfectants, our hands are soaking in everything. 
As we know, the hands become dry after constant exposure to cleaning agents, even natural products. Here's a friendly reminder to replenish dried out hands every time you’ve finished cleaning. Make it a habit to use body butter after you’ve washed your hands. If you don't have a pump bottle of lotion, place some coconut
oil in a jar specifically for post-cleaning. It's perfect for building your skin's defence being an anti-microbial and anti-oxidant oil. 
Tested cleaning products we recommend include the proud NZ brands Santosa and Ecostore. Having a pump bottle of Ecostore dishwashing liquid at the kitchen sink gives me peace of mind, considering the number of times I expose my hands to dishwashing liquid in 24 hours. The other product I alternate with Baking Soda is Santosa's Peppermint and Eucalyptus spray. It's so easy to wipe down grime in the bathroom! 
Saving expense and protecting your skin is easily achieved by visiting bulk purchasing shops like bulk food suppliers. The most significant cost saving exercise is to bulk purchase baking soda and gloves. A brilliant way to kill two birds with one stone. 
I have fond memories of my Nana teaching me to tidy up straight away once completing a task. And I suppose it’s this mentality that will eventually save energy and time. If we bite off the little cleaning and hygiene rituals as we go, the thought of starting to clean isn’t so overwhelming.

We would love you to share some of your effective cost saving cleaning rituals. 

Watch this space for our next blog about home made masks.

xx Rebekah 

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What I enjoy most about your posts is that you are out-lining basic bits of information that is something that we need to be reminded of…if we are going to be at our best…

Alex Van Schuylen April 30, 2018

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