LEAVE a Path to be Followed

With the start of a new year, many of us will be taking the time to reflect on our last 12 months and planning for the year ahead. 

This year is bigger yet again with a decade ending and beginning. 

We will set big goals and declare our ambitions sealed with a kiss as the clock chimes midnight. 

What we want to talk about are the daily rituals we put in place that will help to make those goals and dreams a reality in 2020.Our dreams and goals are wide and varying.But the process and rituals to achieve these are all based on the discipline of knowing you're 'why'. 

At Native Rituals, we aim to build a company that leaves a legacy of leaving the world a better place than when we started. 

 We have a few tips on how we think to make the next decade your best yet. 

1. Laugh often 

2. Smile and wave to your neighbours 

3. Act like an ancestor, make decisions based on those who are still to come. 

4. Treat the earth and our waterways with respect, what goes in must come out. 

5. Be kind to yourself 

6. Embrace community and family, we are not designed to live alone 

7. Set aside quiet time for you every day 

8. Journal capture your thoughts, adventures and gratitudes. 

9. Reflect 

 10. Celebrate your wins and learnings 

 We look forward to sharing the coming year and decade with you all. Maybe we will wave, smile or share a meal in the years to come. We look forward to hearing your stories and life adventures, Happy New Years



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