How to wear perfume

There is an art to wearing perfume. Too much and you end up smelling like a chemist. Too little and no one will be able to detect it.

Scent is holistic. It brings together all our senses. A simple note can transform the wearer from humble worker to global superstar. That is why it is so important to wear perfume well as it can have the reverse effect from star to glass cleaner.

How to wear perfume.

1. Heat is what activates aroma, specifically body heat. Pulse points  (where your heartbeat is easily detected) are the ideal sites for scent as the skin is thinner.

Pulse points include the base of the throat, between the breast, the wrist, the inside of the elbow, behind the knee and beside the ankle bone. If you have dry skin, apply fragrance more often or find a matching moisturiser to the keep skin hydrated.

2. Apply after a shower or bath. Because of the warmth, the pores of the skin are open and carry the perfume for a longer time.

3. Moisturise Skin. If your skin is dry fragrance will not hold and will need to be applied regularly. A solution to dry skin and perfume application is an unscented moisturiser or one from the same or complimentary scent family as your fragrance. A follow-up blog will soon be available to help you understand scent families.

4. Resist the urge to rub your wrist together once the perfume is applied. Smearing it damages the scent molecules, reduces the hold, and destroys the complexity and top notes of the fragrance. The myth of rubbing the wrist together comes from an ill-timed but iconic moment in the film Breakfast at Tiffanies. A myth perpetuated in many films since. If you want your favourite perfume to last with character, then spray on warm damp skin and allow it to settle, and its aromas will be revealed in all their glory as intended.

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