Coconut Beauty

We are in love with Coconut.

More affectionately known as bagiyewa/niu.  This is an ancient love.

For us at Native Rituals, it started nine years ago on the remote island of Misima in Papua New Guinea while visiting Rebekah's family. 

There were Coconuts of every shape, taste, and size. From fresh green Coconuts on the hillsides of Rebekah's home village Nuilia to the saltier green Coconuts from the coastline, We ate and drank them all with great gusto. Every meal revolved around Niue (Coconut), known universally in the Pacific as the tree of life. Coconut is critical to daily life on Misima, essential to daily menu's to beauty and grooming; this incredible nut is a part of the regular custom. It is grown and sold in the village market in Bagowia.
As we in the western world revere honey,  so do the people of the equatorial belt revere the incredible, life-giving qualities of the Coconut. 


Coconut at the centre of a society

Coconut sits at the heart of the society along the equator, beneath its idyllic tropical fond's whole societies have grown and fallen, families nurtured and legends formed. 

Every part of the Coconut has a functional purpose from the trunk through to the leaves, husk and flesh - there is practically zero waste. 

Over the years of working with coconut, we have found incredible science that validates the benefits of Coconut that sit behind the ritualistic use of Coconut Milk and oil for hair, skin care and food.

Coconut milk is packed with Vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6 as well as Iron, Selenium, Calcium, magnesium, and Phosphorous.

Here are some helpful tips for how we use Coconut milk for our skin

1. Hydrating sunburnt skin 

During summer months soaking or rubbing Coconut Milk onto sunburnt skin is perfect as it aids in the healing process because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Coconut Milk helps by cooling and hydrating the skin. We recommend using a high-fat Coconut Milk powder. 

2. Preventing premature ageing in style

Coconut Milk is brimming of vitamin C which helps to maintain youthful elasticity and skin vibrancy. We love to use it for baths and scrubs. After a long hot day at the beach or on the trail there is nothing like sliding into the soothing waters of a Coconut Milk Bath or rubbing the gentle soothing milk powder into your skin. Once you emerge from the life-giving milky waters your skin is soft and supple. Coconut Milk is an incredible natural moisturizer, it is one of the Pacific's best-kept secrets. 

3. Gentle exfoliation and beard conditioner 

Gentle enough to be used as a facial exfoliant that can double as a makeup remover and for the bearded man away to exfoliate beneath the beard and bring the lions main under control. Coconut Milk is a perfect tonic for the dry and itchy beard. A gentle massage while showering while allowing the steam to open pours with leave your skin and beard feeling refreshed, soft and manageable. Coconut milk will not only hydrate the skin but will restore dry and brittle giving the lions main a full healthy look. 

In future blogs, we will be diving into more amazing benefits and uses of the beautiful and versatile Coconut Milk

We would love to hear your uses for Coconut Milk.



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