Beach season is close

Kia ora everyone, over the last year we have met a few of you, this is our first blog for Native for Men.

We are heading into my favourite time of the year as much as I love sliding around in puddles and taking photographs of rolling surf, moody skies and winter sports. I love the great outdoors; Spring is the season of new scents, it is always warmer this time of year the great outdoors more inviting. The steamer and footy boots come off and on go the boardies.

Over the next six months, we will be spending a lot of time exploring the forest and beaches of New Zealand and Papua New Guinea looking for new aromas and scents to add to our fragrance range.
What do you think of when you think of spring?

I think of salt air, cut lawns, fresh fruit, plowed fields the aromas of new beginnings. Spring and summer get the senses going. Spring for me is a hub for the fragrance of adventure and ambition.

As the weather warms up,  I am particular looking forward to getting out on Moana Nui Outrigger Canoes new surf and sailing waka in the winterless north.

We will be posting video's and photo's over the summer months on our blog and social media of our adventures if you would like to join us you are most welcome.
Thank you for reading through, use code native16 for 20% off all Native fragrance purchases.

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