Valentines entree: An affair of the heart  

Native Rituals Valentines Day  

We have had some stunning weather in the upper north of New Zealand so here is hoping it holds up for Valentines Day. Although the best gift our Northland farmers could receive is buckets of rain. We want to thank our hard-working farmers for making sure we always have quality food, Good food always helps to bring love and joy to any occasion.

So why not put together a delicious platter of fresh local produce to enjoy together this Valentines. Affairs of the heart so often start with good food.

Here’s our Native Rituals guide to making this process thoughtful and skin-friendly. 

1. Ingredients 
Double-check against the list in our blog as well as your partner’s nutritional requirements, to eliminate anything they can’t eat or don’t enjoy –a must for all love birds!

2. Presentable and appropriate platter.
Consider where you’ll eat, size of the platter to fit food on and the practicalities of transporting it - if necessary.

Native platter example  

3. Shop.
Tip: The more colour in the fruit the higher the nutrients supplied to the skin and homegrown or organic is always a healthier choice.

As you know shopping the night before enables the fruit and drinks to chill –especially amazing for home made sugar-free iced drink recipes! Coming soon in another blog! If you want to save time with cutting up vegetables, this can be completed the night before and left with a little bit of water in the container to keep them fresh.

On Valentines Day

4. Pick herbs/flowers.
 Remember to cut your herbs and/or flowers and leave on a towel to dry off while you cut up ingredients.

5. Preparation. 
Finish cooking any pre-cooked fish/prawns. Set aside. Cut up all vegetables and/or fruit. It’s best to leave fruit as close to your eating time as possible. 

6. Get creative.
 For this blog the platter in the image below was put together in about 10 – 15 minutes (including prep time). I put my biggest floral posy on first then proceeded to put foods together that match or are better together with flavour. E.g. Mint next to carrots. Touch up any unwanted marks and decorate as you go with the remaining herbs. 


Native Rituals Healthy Platter

Skin-healthy foods to look for when shopping:

Fresh berries
Tomato (higher in lycopene if cooked)
Bell peppers
Turmeric (add ground turmeric to pre-made dukkah or suitable dipping sauces)
Remember that creating elegant appetisers is only successful if you’ve got time on your side for trial and error!  Otherwise, keep it straightforward and most importantly enjoy your company.

All the best for a beautiful Valentines Day 2017!
  Rebekah and Tamati xoxo
Native Rituals Valentines Platter

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