A world where nature lives

Are you ready to explore life and enjoy the world?

An abandoned world of beauty where green leaves creep in and reclaim the urban jungle and roads.

We live in a world where nature lives on the edge of our existence, where there is an ingrained psyche of holding the natural world at bay. That nature must be managed and made productive at every turn — that anything that grows wild needs to made neat and tidy to conform to our modern world expectations.

At Native Rituals, we are about breaking down the garden wall and climbing the fence and heading out to be one with nature.

Doing life outside the box is in our nature, uncontrolled and unrestrained taking back the world as nature does when we cease to hold it back.

With our Native fragrances Ko huinga ko Tahi Unity Collection, we have cut the fence and invited nature into our world again. We have let it run wild, vines running over and through the wall.

Every scent harks back to a world where our senses were alive and danced.

From the ocean to the forest, we are bringing the power of natures scent from a time when we lived in unity with our natural environment.

Too often we sacrifice a much bigger view of the world or Te Ao as we call it in Aotearoa New Zealand to fit the confines of others expectations. We are satisfied to be small so that others will not have to face the forest outside the walls.

In modern times many are harking back to a time in life when the forest and wider nature was not a place to be feared but a place of wonder and exploration of new scents and tastes. Mankind has a unique desire to explore and push boundaries, to go where others fear to tread.

Enjoy life and hear the wild and breathtaking rhythm of the natural world around you. Listen well and you will hear her speak. If we tread where others don't, we find and see the things that others miss. We will unveil mysteries and build companies that will etch our names in history.

Native Ritual's challenge to you is, "Will you climb the wall and step outside the confines of the known?"

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