Make 2019 your year of wellness

Happy New Year! Its early January and most of us are packing up our tents, stowing the board in the board bag and heading home from a week or two of sun, food, festivals and surf. Not a care in the world. We are sun-soaked and life is a leisurely stroll where the name of the day or the date is of little relevance. Typically, we are at our most relaxed and will soon resume a fast-paced start to the year. 

With work fast approaching the stresses of life creep in. We want to encourage you with some tips to keep that sun-soaked holiday feeling and escapism tricks.

For me, that place of escape is the far north of Aotearoa New Zealand and much like the two pictured above captured walking across the giant Te Paki sand dunes after hours sliding down their golden faces. Like these two I like to spend my summers strolling barefoot across the beach or sand dunes in search of the perfect wave.  

So, here goes. Native Rituals Year of Wellness tips to get the year started.

1. Rise with the sun and drink two glasses of water before your daily coffee. Stretch to limber and wake up the body for the day ahead.

2. Take an early morning walk or run.

3. Prepare lunch the night before and eat lunch in a park or rooftop where you work. Fresh air is free and avoid eating at your desk. 

4. Meditate - Don't forget the dream you wanted to execute this year. Make this your dream time. Journal your thoughts and dreams. It is a way to declutter and gives you clarity.

5. Run or cycle to and from work. 25km will take you around an hour on the bike. If you live in the city you will spend that same time in traffic anyway, so why not make it productive and get your exercise and a daily dose of vitamin D at the same time. 

6. Make time for family and friends. Enjoy cooking and eating together. There's an amazing connection created when you cook with love.

7. Establish a ritual of facial massage before going to bed. This helps to flush toxins and is a way to switch your mind off to better prepare the body for rest.

8. Lift weights it is good for the mind and body. If you are looking for inspiration for training at home we recommend checking out our friend Stefan's Instagram @garagegymnz

9. Get a minimum of seven hours sleep to help restore and reset the body and mind. Turn digital devices off an hour before bed and leave outside the bedroom. You can hear your alarm from across the hall. Try it, it will transform your sleep 😊

Here is to making 2019 your year of great self-care! 

We would love to hear your goals and dreams for the year ahead.





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