Wedding and summer skin essentials

Even though I've already tied the knot, I have some family weddings to look forward to this summer. So whether you're a bride or attending a particular occasion, I hope this blog helps you prepare well in establishing fundamental routines to ensure that summer radiance. Most importantly, the list could go on, but I've tried my best to inform without causing you to yawn!
Most importantly, do your homework with new treatments well in advance. Book an appointment with a dermatologist or highly recommended beauty therapist.  To avoid last minute reactions and issues, test a range of treatments and beauty products for the face and body, which are appropriate for your skin type three to four months before the wedding. Introduce good skin care rituals ASAP. Let’s elaborate on some of these crucial routines. 
Sometimes introducing new products can benefit the skin, so make sure to review your daily treatments of cleansing, moisturising and protecting with sunblock of an SPF 30 or higher. Don’t forget to moisturise and apply sun block regularly to the lips as well! On that note, sunscreen only works for a couple of hours, so the other ways to protect the skin include a foundation with SPF or mineral makeup with natural sun protection. Sunscreens can also cause congestion and lead to blackheads or dehydrate the skin. Finding a natural alternative without all the unwanted chemicals will be well worth the investment. Think long term –not just this summer!
Add bathing to your weekly routine. Of all the rituals, this is the DIY routine! Mix Epsom salts and sodium bicarbonate together with organic essential oil of your choice –divine! Just watch the water temperature is not boiling and soak for 20 minutes maximum to help balance magnesium levels. Bathing is a wonderful way to soften the skin around the elbows and feet.  I would also highly recommend looking out for the Native Rituals Coconut Milk Bath -nourishment without an overly oily result.
If you’re introducing masks, the general idea is that the oilier the skin, the more often you apply. Also, note that dry skin needs to be rejuvenated with a hydrating mask so avoid clay masks unless you have normal or oily skin. Remember the purpose of a mask is to clean deeply or hydrate the layers of the skin that a cleanser can’t access. For dry to normal skin, use it two to three times a month. For oily skin, two to three times a week. Don’t forget to attend to the whole body and apply a mud mask a week before the wedding -especially if you have an open back or exposed shoulders.
A makeup artist is often asked to be a miracle-worker. To some extent this can be true, but one must never entirely rely on the “point pots”, instead brides must remember to focus on their "canvas". Once you've booked your makeup artist put some time aside to research what looks good with your eye shape. Pinterest has all sorts of articles that can make this a fun experience and you can always delegate a Pinterest board for your bridesmaids to help you complete. Remember, eye makeup has the potential to attract or distract and to understand what “looks” work for you will save time and enable the artist to talk you through how your choice works with their kit. Remember to attend trials without any makeup to ensure the artist understands your skin thoroughly and can match foundation and colour correction appropriately.   Keep an open dialogue right up to the wedding –particularly informing them of lash extensions and if you change hair colour or getting a fake tan! One of the most potentially damaging daily routines is removing makeup. Use gentle, yet powerful makeup removers to ensure the skin in the most sensitive areas, like the eyes and lips, don’t become stressed. Switch face cloths for disposable cotton pads when removing makeup. To combat further daily stress on the skin, use your hands for cleansing. They are far cleaner after washing them thoroughly than face cloths that sit around in the bathroom collecting dirt and bacteria.
We all get told to drink water, yes… tick, but drinking a cup of warm water with lemon is an excellent way to detoxify and cleanse at both ends of the day. Introduce or continue to use flax and hemp seed oil –which can also be consumed with post workout protein shakes. Take it easy with your intake of alcohol, in fact, cut it right out if you can. My favourite meal is a delicious salad with lots of colour and crunch. Salads are an easy way to mix up the typical skin healthy foods like salmon, lemon, broccoli, kale, celery, beets, lettuce, grapefruit, strawberries, tomatoes, corn, grains and nuts. When possible, try to purchase organic or spray free fruit and vegetables. Keep up regular exercise, although avoid excessive fitness the week of the wedding.
One month 
If you plan to have a peel or microdermabrasion, this would be the safest time to book a treatment.
Approximately two weeks
The final facial should be with a reputable beautician one to two weeks prior to the date.
One week
If you’re booking a whole body massage, then make sure you trust the oils or ingredients used, again, you want to avoid last minute reactions. An eyebrow shape must be completed about five days before the date because it takes that time for the skin to settle. If you’re going to apply lash extensions, I would suggest this is booked for at least one week prior and try to leave this until after the facial. Don’t forget to exfoliate well before self-tanning or getting a spray tan.
Most importantly, keep hydrated and manage stress with good food, sleep and a lot of delegation. On the morning of your wedding, gently exfoliate and cleanse in the shower.  Be careful not to over-scrub, this applies to the whole body and remember to moisturise after your wash.
It sounds incredibly impersonal, but always try to catch or dab tears rather than wipe them away. All that hard work from your makeup artist will disappear in seconds if you are too rough.
Lip balm
Even if your makeup artist has given the bridesmaids a 'top up' pot, keep a lip balm handy. Attending an event, regardless of whether it's a wedding or the races, means there'll be a lot of talking, drinking and smooching.
Blot or sheer powder
These powders on hand help to manage under the eyes –especially when having to deal with concealer creasing or mascara running in the hot sun. I highly recommend Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Pressed Powder or MAC’s blot powder. Blotting sheets minimise oil production and help to avoid that “shiny” look for the whole face.
Have this on hand just in case the dreaded pimple appears in the am or the night before!  Apply to a pimple then cover with bandaid overnight. 
Chamomile tea & cotton pads
If the skin becomes irritated, soak it in chamomile tea and apply to the irritated area. I also highly recommend having the Native Ritual’s Makeup Fix on hand as it contains aloe vera, cucumber, green tea extract and chamomile. This dream formulation will help calm the skin.
Most importantly, Pat yourself on the back for all that hard work in organising one of the most significant days of your life. Remember to enjoy time with family and friends. These always become a flash in hindsight with all the special events in our lives, and here's to a radiant summer and wedding season!
Enjoy sharing this blog with others preparing for those special occasions!  If you have any other valuable advice, we'd love to hear of your favourite tips. 

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