5 natural hydrating makeup mist uses

I love it when there are multiple uses of a product and it's even better when I know I’m not adding to the list of unnatural ingredients in my makeup regime! Have fun trying these and add to the blog if you've got some other little secrets for mists. A natural addition to the bathroom/makeup bag for a winter escape to the tropics!

  • After cleansing or a shower, spray immediately to revive the skin.
  • Refresh the face after a gym workout –really calming to the skin! 
  • Spray immediately before applying moisturiser or a face oil to attract and hold moisture to the skin.
  • Spritz on a foundation brush before and/or after applying concealer or foundation to help it blend in to the skin smoothly.
  • Mix with eye shadow to create a nice winter metallic look with loose dust powders. Application with a general blending brush could include on the lid as a base, or with darker colours applied as a liner with an angle/liner brush.







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