Winter Skin Rituals

7 Winter Rituals

Welcome to Native Rituals’ first blog. I thought it would be perfect to share a few important tips about looking after the skin during winter. Considering New Zealand has had a pretty good summer, I’m sure I have it in me to appreciate a bit of nestling inside for the next few months!

The coolest and wettest months can be unforgiving and play tricks with all aspects of our health and it so easily slips from our minds to guard our skin. Of course we all know about the importance of hydration because it becomes very obvious when we haven’t paid attention or developed defensive habits in time. I’ve had to change my perspective quite considerably with learning about the skin as a makeup artist and I’d encourage you to think of any regime as preparing, preventing and protecting. Beauty habits, whether conscious or not, always have incremental effects.

There’s an incredible range of winter beauty advice available and I hope you find the following key points a great way to start.

  1. Warm and short showers rather than hot and long showers. Train your body to familiarize itself to warm showers.  Adding to this, keep the bathroom door shut to seal in humidity to maximise further hydration on the skin while applying moisturiser immediately after your shower. Heating and various environmental conditions will always add to drying out the skin, so reducing the amount of extreme temperature changes like shower temperature will inevitably help. I also recommend using a shower water filter to reduce the impact of chemicals on the skin -if possible this will aid in your overall long-term health.
  2. Gentle creaming cleanser. Switching to a non-stripping cream cleanser ensures the skin’s natural oils are not removed and provides optimum nourishment. I would also highly recommend building in to your cleansing routine some facial massage to ensure good circulation during this season.
  3. Switch to daily or evening moisturizers with higher oil content to provide more effective protection against free radical damage. The higher oil content will also retain moisture more effectively than water-based creams.  NB. Don’t forget to keep up your sun protection and opt for tinted moisturisers or moisturising foundations. 
  4. Face and body mists combat dehydration from extreme temperatures, calm the skin and protect against itchy and dry skin. I always apply Native Rituals Hydrating Makeup Fix before applying the Daily moisturiser or Face Oil to maximise hydration. Apart from the soothing treatment of Chamomile already in the mist, the magic is also contained in the glycerin –a powerful attracting agent that holds moisture to the outer layer of the skin. Application of this type of product will also aid in retaining sufficient water for the skin to function normally. NB. Toners are different to mists in that they’re designed to complete the cleansing process and can dry out the skin –best avoided in winter unless you have very oily skin.
  5. Face and Body Oils. The biggest challenge for the skin during winter is maintaining and strengthening its natural protective barrier. Used daily, oils rich in omega 3 and fatty acids will defend against various environmental conditions. To really make the most of these ingredients, lightly massage or gently spread the face oil on after a face mist and then apply your daily or evening moisturiser.  This process is demonstrated in the attached video blog. Ingredients rich in omega 3 and fatty acids include flax seed oil, lavender essential oil, argon oil, hempseed oil and chia seed oil.
  6. Lips. Treat them like the rest of the face when it comes to hydration. A great tip I discovered is to splash on some lukewarm water before applying your lip balm to seal in the moisture.  Apply this regularly and your lips will love you!
  7. Hands. Of course I’ll be preaching to the converted here but it is super important to moisturise your hands as much as possible. A simple strategy is to place moisturiser next to your hand wash - a helpful reminder to keep hydrating one of the hardest working parts of our skin. 

As recommended in the video blog, a great way to get started on your winter ritual would be to include the Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Makeup Fix and Men’s/Women’s Face Oils to your regime. Until next time rug up and remember it's the little rituals that count!

Take care.







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